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Principles of Literary Apologetics

The Executive Director of Athanatos Christian Ministries, Dr. Anthony Horvath, was himself influenced by the writings of C.S. Lewis–both the non-fiction and the fiction.  In the course of his own apologetics ministry, he has come to recognize the importance of approaching people through the arts as well as the intellect.  To that end, ACM offers […]

Your Role in Helping Your Favorite Author Succeed

I’ve been in the arena of book production and publishing since 2006, when I decided to form my own publishing firm to release Birth Pangs: Fidelis.  Since then, I’ve picked up about a dozen new authors, released a host of classics that needed to be dusted off, and launched a new model in book publishing, […]

The Wisdom of December Twenty-Fifth

Like all Christian beliefs and institutions, Christmas has come under withering attack from sceptics and non-believers. So much has this become so that to simply utter the good wish of “Merry Christmas” has become an act of boldness and controversy. Many of the faithful have decided to draw their line in the sand around the […]

Little Drummer Boy-My Fiction Take

  “Come,” they told me, pa rum pum  pum pum. A new born King to see, pa rum pum pum. I’ve been walking so long; I don’t remember when we left.  The dust on my feet now joined by blisters and cuts.  I want to ride a donkey, but we’re using them to haul gifts.  […]